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Corporate Leasing : Corporate & Executive Leasing Real Estate
Corporate & Executive Leasing Real Estate The corporate lease is an upbeat option at present that remains established on the platitude that profits are best earned through usage and not through the possession of any asset. We fortify this very concept and derive the best out of our ability to get you personalized assistance in the market ensuring that you will find the right office space, get the best deal possible guarantee you avoid costly mistakes.

Here comes corporate leasing in the picture. Since attaining a property is a complex process which involves various aspects, corporate leasing has pleasantly surfaced with expansion planning, identifying the location keeping in mind the current & future business needs. It also helps in locating the right property suited to the project, satisfactory negotiation of property prices, documentation procedures and the final acquisition of the property. Our organization provide comprehensive real estate consultancy services to various Indian and multinational companies that find the facility of corporate leasing enterprising and innovative. We help our precious clients in all aspects of a client's real estate needs right from choosing appropriate facilities to enhancing the work infrastructure thus providing a comprehensive and a rationalized solution.

Our competence of corporate leasing is planned to give your business an opportunity to acquire movable and immovable assets, without putting a strain on your cash flows.

To tell you more about this…the corporate lease works like a finance lease. First requirement is to identify an asset that is needed for the business from a supplier. Subsequently, as per the feasibility of business, the leaseholder can have unlimited usage of the asset for a predetermined repayment period structured according to agreed terms and conditions. An innovative offshoot of the corporate lease allows to release cash tied up in recently purchased assets through the ‘sale and lease back’ transaction, which increases the working capital available to your business.

We proficiently partner corporatism during their decisive period of expansion by providing profitable real estate decisions. We not only render consistent and professional service at every stage but also edify professionalism. Our up to date information on property developers and market trends help in customization of solutions as per the client's needs and objectives.

So just give a serious thought to the concept of Corporate Leasing that has many benefits over owning of property.

Further, with recession taking a serious crunch over property possession and the supply getting impacted in the short term, new projects may get marginally delayed. This is leading to an upward pressure on capital and rental value for quality office space. The best way towards commercial success and profitability is via Corporate Leasing.

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